I am a story teller for lovers, an old soul, a hopeless romantic. I approach photography with an artistic appreciation, curating a story of effervescent images filled with romance and joy. To me, your wedding date is no isolated event. It is a story waiting to unfold, an editorial worthy of artful imagery. An opportunity to create the most beautiful photographs - memories frozen in time with the articulate intentions of a painter. 

I am an artist of multiple trades. Through various art forms I have created my unique style of photography, a dreamy, light, and airy melody accompanied by harmonies of timeless romance, elegance, and effervescent grace. 



storyteller, classical musician, romantic soul...

About you

You are a hopeless romantic searching for wanderlust. Imagery with soul that tells a story and encapsulates your very essence. Portraits that feel uniquely you, filled with romance, joy and a touch of magic.

We have a lot in common, you and I.

We both understand that your special memories are no isolated event, that they are deserving of artful imagery. We are both explorers of this world who have the opportunity to create the most beautiful photographs together - memories frozen in time with the articulate intentions of a painter.

my philosophy and purpose



guiding you to your best self

To freeze a moment in time requires patience, experience, love, dedication...I shoot every frame with passionate intention, delicately directing you so that our images are a reflection of your true self. I will find the most beautiful lighting, ensuring you are drenched in golden sunlight, positioning you at your best angle, and capturing your souls. 


connection means magic

My couples are not looking for just any photographer to document their day. They want something more and appreciate the timeless art of photography. They want someone they connect with, a calm presence and friend for life. Someone patient, kind, genuine, compassionate, calm, and focused every time she is around. I believe in getting to know all my couples, as much as they’ll let me, so that I can fully document their unique love story.


a unique perspective

I have a degree in classical music and an extensive background photographing high fashion editorials for online and print. My career in photography began assisting and photographing for top agencies and magazines around the world. These arts have given me a unique perspective capturing weddings, as I combine a sense of timeless romance with editorial splendor. Capturing stories and moments that document truly what your love looks and feels like. Raw, composed, balanced, and real, authentic story-telling for love-birds around the world.